Ghost of Tsushima is a Digital Work of Art PS4 Owners Will Love to Play.

After reading an article about Ghost of Tsushima on IGN, I decided to look into Sucker Punch’s new game. Here’s what I learned.

Jin Sakai (PlayStation Blog)

Update: The story you’re about to read is based on the research I’ve done on Sucker Punch’s Ghost of Tsushima and doesn’t represent the final product of the game (April 13, 2020). My sources recently found an inaccuracy with their main source of information (April 14, 2020). We (gaming community) might not learn anything more about the final product (Ghost of Tsushima) until shortly before or at the release date of the game. I updated this story to make it more accurate based on what I know.

Twitter post of a mistake made about Ghost of Tsushima
Twitter post of a mistake made about Ghost of Tsushima
Sources: Twitter and IGN

Experiencing Feadual Japan is no Joke

Ghost of Tsushima is based on true events that took place in Tsushima, Japan between 1274 CE and 1281 CE.

Kublai Khan, the grandson of Ghengis Khan and founder of the Yuan Dynasty (1271–1368 CE), deployed his Mongol troops to Japan to raise hell in an attempt to get Japan to join his empire.

You play as Jin Sakai, a samurai warrior on a quest for revenge and to save Japan. Torn between fighting by the way of the samurai or employing tactics of the ninja. Your choices in the game influence the way events turn out as you play.

There is talk about the AI of your allies being able to turn on your too. This remains to be confirmed at a later date.

Ghost of Tsushima: Jin walking about grieving woman
Ghost of Tsushima: Jin walking about grieving woman
Jin walking by a grieving woman (E3 2018 Debut Gameplay)

The gameplay begins with Jin entering a sobering scene of a woman crying at one of many dirt mound graves covered in stone with poles & strips of cloth wrapped around them. You can see the wind blowing the open field of the Otsuna Grasslands as Jin scans the area. Behind the beauty of the Grasslands is an ominous view of smoke and dark clouds over what looks like burning buildings.

In the first action Jin sees in the gameplay, he encounters three Mongol warriors. At the feet of the one on the left is a dead body lying in the mud. As Jin walks up to confront them, the warrior on the right executes the other civilian in front of Jin.

Ghost of Tsushima: Jin in a duel with a Mongol Warrior
Ghost of Tsushima: Jin in a duel with a Mongol Warrior
Jin is ready for a duel (E3 2018 Debut Gameplay)

The center Mongol stalks towards Jin, then suddenly stops in front of him with his short sword cocked back. Jin and the soldier pause in a stance that indicates a duel between the two.

The Mongol dashes towards Jin.

SLASH. The quick sound of steel slicing through flesh and fabric penetrates the ether.

In a split second, Jin stands with his blood-soaked katana raised in the air. The Mongol warrior falls as if his spirit is leaving his body before he can hit the ground in defeat.

This triggers the other two Mongol troops to attack Jin in what looks like a fight scene in a movie. He quickly strikes them down. Two more Mongol troops enter the picture. One with sword & shield and another with a spear.

He quickly disposes of his new adversaries.

Moving forward, you can hear another enemy’s rapid, wet footsteps headed in your direction, but he is immediately struck in the back with an arrow from Maseko. Maseko appears to be an old friend and ally of Jin’s.

Ghost of Tsushima: Maseko
Ghost of Tsushima: Maseko
Meet Maseko (E3 2018 Debut Gameplay)

At this point, you find out Jin intends to rescue a monk. Maseko isn’t thrilled with the idea of saving him from torture. But, she goes along with it.

Silently, they both take out two Mongol guards at the temple entrance.

The buddy system is not working out for Team Mongol.

Jin climbs the side of the temple and enters the temple through the roof, looking down from the rafters. Three guards surround the captive.

The white highlight outlines the person Jin is focused on attacking first. (E3 2018 Debut Gameplay)

As Jin cases the area, a white highlight surrounds the guards indicating who Jin is focused on before he attacks. Jin jumps in and quickly vanquishes his unsuspecting foes. Another guard is standing outside and as he blows his horn to signal reinforcements, Jin thrusts his katana through the paper-like wall and stabs the Mongol through the back.

Jin walks out of the temple with the monk, suddenly an arrow grazes the monk’s eye.“Step aside Jin, he betrayed my family”, said Maseko. “Run!”Jin shouted towards the injured monk. Maseko drops her bow and unsheaths her katana.

She faces Jin in a fighting stance similar to a baseball player at-bat.

The cool autumn breeze gracefully blowing the red leaves to the ground. The sun setting behind the unsettling mixture of dark clouds and smoke. The mixture of the red, orange, yellow, and dark grey blanket the environment with a temple subtly hiding in the background.

The setting is as beautiful as it is dangerous.

Ghost of Tsushima: Duel
Ghost of Tsushima: Duel
Maseko approaches Jin in a Duel (E3 2018 Debut Gameplay)

“You were my friend”, said Jin. “Give. Me. The. Monk.” replied Maseko. They engage in a deadly dance of clashing steel until Jin defeats Maseko but spares her life to fight alongside him against the approaching Mongol reinforcements.

The gameplay cuts to cinematic scenes.

Concerns About Ghost of Tsushima

From what I witnessed in the gameplay demo, this game looks like a moving work of art. The environment and the combat looks like something you would see in a movie. I assume since the NPCs’ actions towards you are going to be dependent on your gameplay, there could be different endings for the game as well.

The major concern isn’t the game itself, but if the game is going to release on the scheduled date.

Because of the COVID-19 global outbreak, other games such as The Last of Us: Part II and Marvel’s Iron Man have been delayed. I can understand those decisions. As a publisher, you want all of your fans to experience your lastest masterpiece, especially when it’s highly anticipated.

For now, there hasn’t been any word of Ghost of Tsushima being delayed. However, with the unpredictable nature of the coronavirus going around, it wouldn’t surprise me if the game’s release ended up being put on hold suddenly. If it does come out on time, it could help provide many PlayStation 4 owners a much-needed distraction.

Ghost of Tsushima is scheduled to come out on June 26, 2020, for the PlayStation 4 console.

(Update: The new scheduled release date is July 17, 2020.)

Are you looking forward to the release of Ghost of Tsushima? What are your thoughts about the game possibly being delayed?

Leave your comments below.

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